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September 2023 Newsletter

September 2023

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Greetings From Your President

As the dog days of summer come to and end, or did they just begin? As you all are aware the heat has been beating down the last couple of weeks. I am hoping for at least some sort of break and we move into the better months of the year! That’s right Hunting time ladies and gents! Dove and Archery Deer season openers are September 1. Are you going to be out there?
I just finished up sitting through the first of a few meetings on the GFP Deer Management Stakeholder Group. The main focus of the group is to discuss the current new draw system as well as other deer management practices the GFP are embarking on. The big takeaways from the meeting that I believe are going to be controversial are the discussion of limiting your first choice selection to one buck season choice in the first draw, as compared to the current system of 2 first choice seasons in the first draw. I am personally on the fence on this one. I understand both arguments, but the reality of it even with the current system there is still about 20,000 people who are unsuccessful in the first application period. I believe it was roughly 12,000 people who are getting two buck tags and about 5000 people getting three. So the system needs some work of the goal is to get everyone out hunting.
There is also talk of combining all the tags Archery, rifle into that first draw allowing only one buck per person in the first draw at least.
The last item I found of importance was the discussion of splitting up or increasing the size of some hunting units. They didn’t elaborate on specific units but were trying to feel out the room.
Any thoughts or concerns?
See everyone at the luncheon, it should be a good one.

Send us your hunting Pictures. We need to spice up the photos section.

~Cody Hodson~

Picture from Terry Mayes
Summer walleye at Orman Dam. Fishing is a challenge as walleyes are so well fed on bait fish. Brother & I have been able to get one or two over each trip. Try to fish at least one day a week.

I am sorry I missed last months meeting but the fish on the Smith River in Montana missed me. It sounds like I missed some good conversation, so good that it will be the same topic this month only a bit more organized. We have a panel of mountain lion speakers gathered. It will consist of another group of houndsman that are not really excited about the proposal as written. Please remember it was a PETITION that was accepted by the commission that is currently acting as a proposal. We are fully expecting a more detailed proposal at the next commission meeting. We will have some boot hunters on the panel also. The goal is to hear as many views as we can to be informed before our club may or may not take a stance. This is a BIG issue. The commission may not have known what they were getting into.  It will be interesting no doubt.

We need our members to comment on a rainbow trout spearing season in the Black Hills. The proposal is up for finalization at the next meeting and comments need to be placed asap. The proposal brought by the GFP allows for spearing of rainbow trout in the Black Hills Trout Management area on lakes (still water). I believe this includes Canyon Lake and Memorial Pond in town and all Black Hills Lakes. They can only shoot rainbows, not browns, not lake trout, not brookies or cutthroats. Not sure how that can work. I have been contacted by a number of members and asked that we do not support this. Please take the time and send your own comments to the commission.

Please attend our next meeting and provide your thoughts on hunting mountain lions with hounds in the Black Hills.

Ross Roadie, Chris Weinberger, Tim Goodwin, Jack Carr and Sean Fulton will be the panel members.  All good guys who have been to our meetings before to talk on this issue

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~ Jeff Olson, Treasurer ~

  Upcoming Events


September 5th - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites

Time: 11:45 am 

September 21st - BBQ & Garage Party
Moose & Elk Burgers to be served 
Location: Olson House


October 3rd - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Speaker: Trenton Haffley
City deer season open Sept 1st. We will hear about how this is working in Rapid City & also talk about deer draw system that is up for review 
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites

Time: 11:45 am 

November 7th - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Speaker: Kevin Robling
Sec of the GFP
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites

Time: 11:45 am 

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