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September 2022 Newsletter

The Newsletter of the Black Hills Sportsmen and Sportswomen
Mission Statement: To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of wildlife and wildlife habitat and to protect the privilege of sportsmen to hunt and fish through advocacy and education.

September 2022

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Greetings From Your President
Here we go Lady’s & Gentlemen its finally September!! Time to dust off that box of shells and sharpen your broadheads its hunting season! I don’t know about you but I sure do love some bird hunting in t-shirts. Any early reports specifically of the doves? If you have a problem I will be your solution! My new pup has been rearing to get out there.
How is the deer &  antelope prospects so far? According to Trenton from GFP (Thanks again for coming to speak at the luncheon) the antelope numbers are defiantly down. Is everyone experiencing the same thing?
What is your plans for Sept 1? Will you be in a stand stalking some deer or tromping through the grass looking for some doves? I forgot some of you lucky people will be after elk & even one guy with bighorn sheep!
Our club really needs a couple people to step up and join the board of directors, we have had a few vacancy’s and need to get them filled up. Its only a few hours of the year commitment (30-45 Minute board meeting once a month). If you wouldn’t mind stepping up to the plate please let myself or Jeff Olson know and we can get you setup. Just so you know Jeff will let you in on all of his secret forbidden hunting honey holes if you are a board member so there’s also that gem thrown in the deal.
Hunting Film tour Information below!!! Please plan to attend. See you there!

Send us your hunting Pictures. We need to spice up the photos section.
~Cody Hodson~



I want to thank Trenton from the GFP for talking to us about the state of big game in Western SD. Always informative and a great discussion. Next meeting should be an interesting one. Lori Brown, a range land specialist with the Nature Conservancy, will be speaking to us about Beaver management. I know they are a nuisance in some areas but they appear to be on the decline in the Black Hills and it is a concern.   
Please join us

Hunting Film Tour
Please mark the date down Oct 12th Elks Theatre 6:30 to buy squares for the raffle, film at 7pm. I will have tickets for sale at the next two meetings. They can also be purchased at the door. We have some great sponsors and some great prizes this year. 
Our two big prizes so far are a $500 Gift Certificate to First Stop Gun and a $500 Gift Certificate from Scheels. I really want to give a big shout out to these two donors. They have donated to every film tour and make it easy to ask.

Gary English will again have a film in this tour. For those who do not know Gary, he is a member of our club and also help sponsor our newsletter. Besides being a world class hunter, he is a local taxidermist and guide. Jim Scull has again helped us rent the theatre and has bought many tickets for the South Dakota Youth Hunting Adventures crew. We just can not thank these guys enough for their continued support of the programs we support.
South Dakota Sportsmen Against Hunger. South Dakota Youth Hunting Adventures and the South Dakota Wildlife Federation Youth Conservation Camp.

We are still working on sponsors and donors so please let me know if you know anyone who would like to help with the cause. I am working on Cabela's and Fleet Farm but no progress at this point.

I am hoping for a big crowd this year after taking some "COVID" time off. Please help spread the word

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We have put a lot of time into the web page also. If anyone has input or would like us to add to our webpage please email us at 

~ Jeff Olson, Treasurer ~

  Upcoming Events

Annual Hunting Film Tour 
We are working with everyone involved with the film to get the important details figured out and will have this information available to everyone as soon as we can! 
Location: Elks Theater 
We are glad to have this back and hope to get some local films again. We have been promised all new films! Reminder - this is our ONLY fundraiser and we hope to have a great turnout. 
- Contact the Elks theater or go to their website 
- Contact Jeff Olson 
September 6th - The Nature Conservancy "Beaver Management in the Black Hills" 
SPEAKER: Lori Brown (Riparian Rangeland Specialist)


Interested in volunteering for Outdoor Campus West ?

For anyone interested in being a volunteer mentor please contact Katie Schlafke or Clint Whitley. 

Katie (primary contact for all volunteers)

Clint (contact for volunteer hunting/shooting mentors - Hunting 101)

For other kinds of volunteering - please visit their website linked below:




- Quote of the Month - 
If God wanted us to be vegetarians, he would have made broccoli more fun to shoot.”
 Earl Dibbles Jr., Singer/Songwriter