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May 2024 Newsletter

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May 2024

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Greetings From Your President

Hopefully everyone has been out enjoying some of this great spring weather we have been having? How goes the turkey chasing? I went and sat Monday morning for a few hours under my favorite tree and saw lot of sign but not much in the area. Typical when I arrived home I had 6 big toms in my driveway that I had to force off the road to get home.. Anybody else snag any birds yet? How about the fishing?
We have been chosen to host the annual Wildlife federation meeting here in Rapid City. The meeting is scheduled for the 16th /17th of August. We are working out the details with Dana Rogers the new Executive Director of the Wildlife Federation. Id like to have a nice turn out so mark your calendars.
Thanks everyone who wrote in opposition to the increase in the non-resident waterfowl tags increase. Jeff talks below about the outcome. Its nice to see how the process of numbers actually still does work.
Its Elk application time! Get your apps in (Or don’t I’m perfectly fine with that…)   
See everyone at the Luncheon should be a good program.


Send us your hunting Pictures. We need to spice up the photos section.

~Cody Hodson~



We have big issue to be presented at our May meeting. OHV use is most likely the number one threat to the Black  Hills ecosystem. We will hear from the Black Hill National Forest and what they are doing about this issue. Lou Conroy will be our speaker. He is the Forest Plan Revision leader with the BHNF. We will have lots to discuss  so please attend and bring some good questions. 

It was great to see our new commission come and talk to our club last week, Travis Theel. He did a great job at the commission meeting also. If you were not paying attention, the commission changed the proposal on non-resident waterfowl after hearing the out cry from all the stakeholders. They did keep some of the increased tags on the Missouri River and West River. In an amazing turn after that, the legislative review committee shut down all the increases and sent it back to the commission. The commission got scolded for not listing to the GFP proposal for no increases. I am not sure what the next step is now but stay tuned.  

Membership is looking good, just a few more past members to work on. We are over 80 members at this point and would love to hit over a hundred. Just a reminder, included in your $30 membership is a $15 that gets you a membership to the South Dakota Wildlife Federation also. With a new executive director, they are very much on the move working to protect our access to public resources. We will be hearing a lot more going forward as the SDWF will be much more active now.

Pictures?  Any dead walleyes or turkeys.

We will be having our stream clean up on June 9th.  This is on Sunday and is of course the anniversary of the 72' flood. More details to follow but it will be a big event with a number of groups involved. The BHSC will again be in charge of food.

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We have put a lot of time into the web page also. If anyone has input or would like us to add to our webpage please email us at 

~ Jeff Olson, Treasurer ~

  Upcoming Events


May 7th - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Speaker: Lou Conroy
Black Hills National Forest OHV Management Presentation

Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites
Time: 11:45 am


June 4th - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Speaker: TBD
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites
Time: 11:45 am

June 9th - Stream Clean Up
Details to follow

July 2nd - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Speaker: TBD
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites
Time: 11:45 am

August 6th - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Speaker: TBD
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites
Time: 11:45 am

Interested in volunteering for Outdoor Campus West?

For anyone interested in being a volunteer mentor please contact Clint Whitley. 

Clint (contact for volunteer hunting/shooting mentors - Hunting 101)

For other kinds of volunteering - please visit their website linked below:



- Quote of the Month - 
Someone asked where I have my greatest hunting trophy...
I replied, "Hanging on the wall in my living room."
He laughed, "What? There are no mounts there."
"Look at the photo of me and my dad
." I said.