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March 2023 Newsletter


Only 20 members have paid up so far (besides life members).
Please call 605-342-2445 if you have any questions or would like to see if you have paid for your 2023 membership.


March 2023

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Greetings From Your President

Send us your hunting Pictures. We need to spice up the photos section.

Well if there is one month that goes quick at least its February. Although
we did have some decent weather over all in February. I wanted to head out
and see if I could see much of an impact from the mishandling of the Pactola
Dam gates and It was a good opportunity to get my fly line wet last weekend.
While I am no biologist and couldn't see any direct impact, but I am an
expect fisherman and I wasn't catching much of anything!!  I will admit I'm
probably not the go to guy for any definitive results. Hopefully the GFP
will reveal some insight in the future creek surveys.

I think we are posting the link below but many of you are already aware of
the mining exploration project being ramrodded through the Hell Canyon
Ranger District National Forest. The public comment section needs to be sent
in by March 8th. The club is specifically concerned with the protentional
impacts this would have on the water drainages and impacts to wildlife in
the area. Anyone have any other insight? Should the club take a stance on
this issue?

See everyone at the meeting.

~Cody Hodson~

Barbara Annan with her Mule Deer that was shot with her 6.5 Creedmor Ruger on Jim Scull's Ranch in November 2022. It was an auction item that was won at the 2021 Greater Dakotas Safari Club Banquet.

Barbara Annan & her 194" Whitetail she took down at FTW Ranch while training in November 2022


 Send me some pics PLEASE or better yet write a story!!

Important dates: 
Walleye Unlimited auction and walleye feed   March 18th
Spring Turkey Season    April 8th  to May 31st
South Dakota Youth Hunting Adventures big Auction     May 6th
The Greater Dacotah Chapter of SCI big fundraiser   July   29th

Program Chair
We forgot to have our annual election last meeting so we will attempt that again at the March meeting. Please fill out the attached form and send it to us or bring it to the meeting  PO box 9161.
   We will also follow thru with any legislation which was very limited this year. Strange year with very limited participation from the GFP.
This is the month we tell tall tails about hunting and fishing adventures. Please bring some pics or you younger guys can bring a computer and present a power point. Wait, we do not have any young people who attend.  Let's work on that in 2023. We currently have 26 life members and 20 regular members who are paid of up 2023. If you have a question on if you paid this year already, please contact us at   

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We have put a lot of time into the web page also. If anyone has input or would like us to add to our webpage please email us at 

~ Jeff Olson, Treasurer ~

  Upcoming Events


March 7th - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Hunting Stories & Pics 
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites
Time: 11:45 am 

March 18th - Walleye Unlimited Auction & Walleye Feed 


April 4th - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
South Dakota Wildlife Federation Directors 
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites
Time: 11:45 am 

May 2nd - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites

Time: 11:45 am 

May 6th - South Dakota Youth Hunting Adventures Big Auction

June 6th - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites
Time: 11:45 am 

July No Meeting due to Holiday
July 29th - SCI Auction

Interested in volunteering for Outdoor Campus West?

For anyone interested in being a volunteer mentor please contact Katie Schlafke or Clint Whitley. 

Katie (primary contact for all volunteers)

Clint (contact for volunteer hunting/shooting mentors - Hunting 101)

For other kinds of volunteering - please visit their website linked below:




- Quote of the Month - 
"If you consider an unsuccessful hunt to be a waste of time, then the true meaning of the chase eludes you all together."
 Fred Bear