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January 2022 Newsletter

The Newsletter of the Black Hills Sportsmen and Sportswomen
Mission Statement: To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of wildlife and wildlife habitat and to protect the privilege of sportsmen to hunt and fish through advocacy and education.


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Greetings From Your President

I hope everyone had a great holidays and had plenty to eat and drink. I know I sure did probably enough for 2 or 3 people.
It seems as though the cold has caught up with us. Wow its cold, which can only mean one thing. Ice is on! I need some hot spot info here where and what the fish are the biting on? The only tips I’ve received is from Paul V and he just recommends the Long John Silvers after about 2:00.
Being that it’s a new year we have some yearly business that needs to be taken care of. The Club needs you to renew your memberships which is now easier than ever through our website
 . Or you can still always pay in person at one of the luncheons or meeting a board member out in the field. We need help boosting our membership numbers and are asking that you get your buddies, family members, pets, a membership. Each member we have gives us that many more bargaining chips at the table when it comes time to push for Sportsmen and Women’s Rights and interests. We are already starting to hear about some important issues we all have invested interest in and more membership numbers helps get our point across to the right people.
Sportsman Club Elections are coming soon.
The board needs to fill a few general seats and I am asking for a couple of new (Or Old!) members to step up and join the board this year. It’s a pretty small commitment but we need a certain amount to be a part of the board. If you have any interest please reach out to me or Jeff Olson to get some more info. If nobody steps up then you know what that means right? Yup! Fill in Ballots at the Luncheon and I know whose name I’ll be filling in…
Happy New Year’s Everyone! 

Send us your hunting Pictures. We need to spice up the photos section.
~Cody Hodson~

Doug Theel with his East River archery deer from October



 A big thanks to all those who attended our December meeting. It is amazing how many things we need to discuss as a club.     Due to our speaker being under the weather and not being able to show, we had lots of good discussion. The January meeting will be the usual topic this time of year...legislative issues and will most likely have the GFP there. Two things we are aware of are in the Governors budget. $2.5 million for the new gun range. This is good news but there is opposition east river and one west river legislator that we know of. Time to get lobbying and we will discuss strategy at our next meeting. The other is $10 million for 175 new camp sites at CSP. There are some big concerns with this that we will also discuss. Keep your ear to the ground on any bills that may and will pop up. The next two months are very busy for our club and we need all the voices we can get to contact the legislators voting on the issue.   Remember also to attend your local cracker barrels and so you can discuss the issues in person.

We are trying something new.    It is quite easy to use Survey Monkey and I think we use this tool often during the legislative session. PLEASE take the few seconds to complete the surveys (link attached below). You can always go to our website and contact any board member if you want to have further discussion on any of the issues we bring up in the surveys.  There will be links on our website, in our newsletters and on Facebook. Also feel free to contact us on anything you would like to see surveyed. 


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We have put a lot of time into the web page also. If anyone has input or would like us to add to our webpage please email us at 

~ Jeff Olson, Treasurer ~

Gordon's grandson, Racyn Bradley, shot his first deer with a mentor tag this fall 

  Upcoming Events

Annual Hunting Film Tour 
This will be rescheduled to a later month. The date will likely be in a winter month. We are working with everyone involved with the film to get the important details figured out and will have this information available to everyone as soon as we can! 
Location: Elks Theater 
We are glad to have this back and hope to get some local films again. We have been promised all new films! Reminder - this is our ONLY fundraiser and we hope to have a great turnout. 
- Contact the Elks theater or go to their website 
- Contact Jeff Olson 
 Jan 4th @ 11:45 am - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting 
LOCATION: Rushmore Inn & Suites
SPEAKER: SD Game Fish & Parks 
Feb 8th @ 11:45 am - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting 
LOCATION: Rushmore Inn & Suites
SPEAKER: SD Sportsmen Against Hunger 

March 8th @ 11:45 am - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting 
LOCATION: Rushmore Inn & Suites
SPEAKER: to-be-determined


Interested in volunteering for Outdoor Campus West ?

For anyone interested in being a volunteer mentor please contact Katie Schlafke or Clint Whitley. 

Katie (primary contact for all volunteers)

Clint (contact for volunteer hunting/shooting mentors - Hunting 101)

For other kinds of volunteering - please visit their website linked below:



- Quote of the Month - 

"South Dakotas Game Preserve will become a veritable paradise of wildlife and a monument to good judgement and unselfish motives of the people." 

- George Ruskie   
Supervisor of the State Forest and Game preserve (Custer State Park) 1914