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August 2023 Newsletter


August 2023

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Greetings From Your President

I think everyone can agree, Summers in the Black Hills could be like this every year! This weather has been nothing short of amazing. The hills are so green and spectacular you need to get out and spend some time enjoying the scenery.
So did everyone get their preferred deer tags? I just committed to participate on behalf in the club in the  upcoming GFP review of the Deer Management Plan. I will need input of how the club wants to stand on the current management of the deer population by the GFP. If anyone would like to participate in the meetings let me know This is an important issue for a majority of our membership any input is appreciated.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the luncheon

Send us your hunting Pictures. We need to spice up the photos section.

~Cody Hodson~

Our speaker this month will be Finn Sacrison. Finn will bring his prize hound dog to the meeting. He is an experienced houndsman and we will discuss the issue of chasing lions with dogs. He will also talk about what it takes to train hounds and his adventures. This will be something we have not had at our meeting before.
I am looking forward to it

I was amazed to see the the commission adopted a proposal from the public at their meeting this week. This is a first for a long time. The houndsmen brought a petition that was accepted by the commission. The commission really want some public input on this one and we will discuss our club response at our next meeting. The petition reads that 12 lions can be harvested with dogs in the Black Hills Fire Protection district. 6 males and 6 females. They have already heard from those opposed to this.  It is not clear what the GFP thinks about it. Their proposal was no change to the lion season this year. This is a big step I will be interested in the discussion.

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We have put a lot of time into the web page also. If anyone has input or would like us to add to our webpage please email us at 

~ Jeff Olson, Treasurer ~

  Upcoming Events


August 1st - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Speaker: Finn Sacrison
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites

Time: 11:45 am 

August 10th - Black Hills Flyfishers Gear Swap.
Location: Picnic Shelter #1 at Canyon Lake Park
Time: 5-7pm


September 5th - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites

Time: 11:45 am 

October 3rd - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Speaker: Trenton Haffley
Deer Draw review & discuss city deer hunting 
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites

Time: 11:45 am 

November 7th - BHSC Monthly Member Meeting
Speaker: Kevin Robling
Sec of the GFP
Location: Rushmore Inn & Suites

Time: 11:45 am 

Interested in volunteering for Outdoor Campus West?

For anyone interested in being a volunteer mentor please contact Katie Schlafke or Clint Whitley. 

Katie (primary contact for all volunteers)

Clint (contact for volunteer hunting/shooting mentors - Hunting 101)

For other kinds of volunteering - please visit their website linked below:



- Quote of the Month - 
"'The best thing about hunting and fishing,' the Old Man said, 'is that you don't have to actually do it to enjoy it. You can go to bed every night thinking about how much fun you had twenty years ago, and it all comes back clear as moonlight."
 Robert Ruark