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September 2020 Newsletter

The Newsletter of the Black Hills Sportsmen and Sportswomen
Mission Statement: To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of wildlife and wildlife habitat and to protect the privilege of sportsmen to hunt and fish through advocacy and education.


Greetings From Your President
Aww Finally! September! Doves and Archery deer are on my short list. I am going to have to invest is a pair of camo shorts for the tree stand though..with this heat I'm not sure how long I can make it with pants on. With these hot dry conditions please use caution out there, so far we have been lucky with the fire situation around the Hills.

The Board has been busy staying on top of recent changes with the GFP regulations and rule changes, some big ones we have been tackling are the 3 Splash rule, some big changes to the Pheasant season, and a letter representing our club on our thoughts on the commission itself. Please if you have any input on these issues the upcoming commission meeting is September 2-3rd here at the outdoor campus. Get your opinions in!

The GFP recently reached out to me regarding landlocked public land & access. The GFP has been working hard to acquire access or easements to several of the landlocked public parcels. They are now asking for our help to know what parcels they should be focusing on creating more access to. Do you have a parcel of public land that you think needs access or maybe better access? Joshua Delger from the GFP is working on this and would like to know where he can focus. This would be a great opportunity to potentially open up some of that land you have always wanted access to.

You can contact me at or

Or you can contact Josh directly

Joshua Delger | Terrestrial Resource Supervisor - Region 3
South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks
4500 S. Oxbow Avenue | Sioux Falls, SD  57106-4114
Office Phone - 605.362.2714 |

We are excited to finally have a get together amidst the chaos! Please Join us Sept 8th from 5-7 pm at Picnic shelter 1 for some gourmet BBQ! We have 2 guest chefs (The Meat man himself Jeff Olson and the Man the myth the legend Pete Koupal) that will be BBQ-ing up a storm of delicious food! Please bring along some new members!

Hope to see you all there.
Thank you
~Cody Hodson


- Social Distancing BBQ -
September 8th, 2020 @ 5pm - 7pm
Canyon Lake Park - Shelter #1

Food & Beverages Provided!

Please attend and bring a new member.  There will be no program, just a time to say hi and catch up.


Current News

Our club has been approached by the commission to send in our thoughts on what we feel they can do better and what we see as their role in representing the sportsmen and women of our state.   PLEASE provide you own personal input also.  Things have certainly changed a lot since I was on the commission.   The discussion to be held by the commission on this issue will be very valuable if, and only if, we reply with good thoughts and ideas.  The Wildlife Management Institute has agreed to come and help with the process for FREE.   This will be their third time to South Dakota in working with the department.   I have the urge to mention many of the things that I am worried about as a sportsmen, but will refrain.   I really hope WMI can again change the course of the department in a better direction.

Sportsmen Against Hunger
A BIG change this year.   Any deer harvested West River must be tested for CWD before you take it to a processor.  Please visit the website for details.   It tends to be very confusing.    We have put many hours into this and it has been our biggest challenge to date.   There are step-by-step directions on our website but feel free to call me with any questions.   The GFP adds many twists to this program also.  It is mandatory in certain areas they are monitoring, but not all of west river for their program.  It is mandatory for SAH if you want to donate to our program.   Again, this is for all deer harvested west of the river during any season for SAH deer.  You can also learn how to take the sample yourself.   The GFP has a number of websites you can reference on how to do this.

I will be taking my own samples and sending them in since I do all my own processing.  If anyone needs help, please let me know.   If you want to take a deer to Cutting Edge to donate, here is what I would do:   Cut off the head and take it to the drop location at the Outdoor Campus.  There will be an ear tag you will need to fill out.   You then take the carcass to Cutting Edge,  Spilde's Quality Meats, or Western Buffalo.   They will hold the deboned meat until they hear from you that the tests have cleared.   You will be getting a call from the GFP hopefully within a week.  It is the hunter's job to call the processor to tell them to continue with the processing.   I know this makes things much more difficult, but please give it a try.    This is a trial year and we hope to make it easier the following year.

Clean-Out Your Freezer Food Drive
It is that time of  year again.  Our latest system has turned out to work really well.    I just made a big drop two weeks ago.    If you need to make room in your freezer, just give me a call and we will either pick it up and deliver it, or we will figure out the easiest way to get it done.  The Food Bank and the Rescue Mission are in dire need for healthy game.   Please consider donating to SAH either by getting some things out of your freezer or donating a doe.   Also, please help spread the word

- Jeff Olson, Treasurer 



- Quote of the Month - 
“You can't buy happiness... but you can buy hunting gear. And that's kind of the same thing."

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September 2020