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February 2021 Newsletter

The Newsletter of the Black Hills Sportsmen and Sportswomen
Mission Statement: To promote the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of wildlife and wildlife habitat and to protect the privilege of sportsmen to hunt and fish through advocacy and education.


February Newsletter

~ Greetings From Your President ~
Zoom board meeting will be held February 15th @ 6pm
- Cody Hodson, President



 2021 TO DO LIST 

1.   PAY YOUR DUES; please please please!!! Only 6 people have renewed since the first notice went out so far. We have more than 6 current members thanks to our life members so far! If you are a life member but still advertise in our newsletter, please send us 50 bucks.
2.   Start paying attention to application periods. Wyoming apps are due at the end of the month. South Dakota spring turkey apps are also out and ready for application!!
3.  Please think about picking up a mentor from SDYHA. I spent last week teaching hunting safety at the boys club. 7 boys besides my new mentee took the course and they are all in need of a mentor! I can not begin to tell you how much I have gotten out of being a mentor. I took my two mentees out this weekend and attempted to call coyotes. They also both hit the gong at 300 yards at the range; it was a blast and I think these boys will end up teaching me a few things in return too!

Legislative update:
Bill HB 1047: There are 4200 non-resident landowners with 160 acres or more east river.  This bill allows each ranch/farm to receive two any deer licenses to hunt their own land. Last year 55% of east river hunters did not draw an ER tag, almost 10,000 hunters. That number could double if this passes. The bill is being sponsored by the GFP. I do believe non-resident landowners should be able to get a tag on their own land but a compromise needs to be discussed.

Bill HB 1115: Removes requirements for a balanced commission, all eight members can be from one party. 

Bill HB 103: Changes youth age from 16 to 18, will cost the department 290K. 

Bill HB 1087: Crossbows legal for anyone 60 years and older.

Bill HB 1092: Free small game license for anyone 75 years and older, will cost 3.5-4K.

Bill HB 1112: Moves safety zone from 660 ft. to 900 ft. 

We are certain more bills will be introduced. There is a lobby group out of Sioux falls that is on Outfitter/Landowner group that works closely with the governors office. They will be presenting a bill to change the make up of the commission. Currently there are two open spots that we are told will remain open until Gov Noem gets this new bill passed. We may see transferable license and other fun bill like that from this group also.   

In my opinion, I am seeing a scary trend in fish and wildlife management. There was a time when SD sportsmen had a voice in management. The SFP commission, GFP and the Gov office listened, took input, and generally represented what was good for SD Sportsmen and landowners. Again, we are going to see the bounty pay out for tails (another million over 2 years) when a large majority of SD sportsmen and non-sportsmen saw it as a waste of funds. The GFP has no data or numbers that show this did anything positive last year...crazy. We no longer will count roosters because it might effect who comes to our state. I have many examples but this is getting long. Thus, our voice needs to still be heard with much stronger input. Please contact your legislators and commissioner (only 6 of them currently). 

- Jeff Olson, Treasurer 
+ Program Chair 

~ Important Dates! ~



The South Dakota Department of game, fish, and parks, as well as the support from Governor Noem are in the works of designing a multipurpose shooting range to serve the needs of all who enjoy shooting and hunting sports! In addition, the development of a tool for recruitment, training, and retention of new gun owners and shooters will also be in the works. It is the intention of the GFP to build a first-class, comprehensive range for rifle and pistol shooters; it will offer a wide range of shooting opportunities. Currently the land has been purchased and within 10 miles of Rapid City with paved access! 

The property purchase and range development will be funded in part from Pittman-Robertson or P-R funds. P-R dollars are accumulated by the federal government from excise tax on firearms and ammunition. That being said, we anticipate that South Dakota will need to spend $250,000 to $300,000 for the match. This will come from a combination of GFP funds and contributions from our community. We would like to accomplish this fundraising through a few substantial contributions from organizations that are directly connected to hunting and shooting as you are! Prominent recognition will be made at the range for substantial contributions and naming rights too. Contributions will pass through the South Dakota Parks and Wildlife Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit. 

This is a very worthwhile project and long overdue in this are. We are truly fortunate to have the South Dakota GFP and Governor Noem's support. Help us build a range that we can all be proud of! Tom Krafka, unofficial liaison between GFP and local advocates for the range, contact information is and his phone number is (605)-390-9371.


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- Quote of the Month - 
“The best thing about hunting and fishing, the Old Man said, is that you don't have to actually do it to enjoy it. You can go to bed every night thinking about how much fun you had twenty years ago, and it all comes back clear as moonlight.” — Robert Ruark
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February 2021